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An Atlanta music-publishing outfit bilks Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) of fifty dollars, a corruption of Boss Hogg's (Sorrell Booke). Bo and Luke head to town to straighten things out for Daisy and end up messing up a police raid on the place.

They hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client to trick the music outfit's ringleader, Lester Starr, into believing she can fake a number of real-life artists.

A masked bandit with a score to settle with Boss robs him of his illegal liquor money and then jumps into General Lee with Luke driving, causing Boss to believe Bo robbed him and he has the boys arrested for the theft.

Meanwhile, the bandit (now unmasked) ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest, causing further problems.

Now she wants to make one last run--and she wants the Dukes to help.

Cooter tells Bo and Luke that Roscoe is bringing the slots into Hazzard County as a means for revenue.

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Loretta Lynn's name (as well as Coulter's) are dubbed over at several places in this episode.

While running from Deputy Enos Strate (Sonny Shroyer) in Cooter Davenport's (Ben Jones) car, Bo and Luke run into a couple of problems: the car they're driving is loaded with moonshine that Cooter was to deliver for Boss, and therefore have to avoid getting caught with it; and secondly they pick up the very pregnant Mary Kaye Porter, who has with her over 0,000 meant for an Atlanta gangster named Quirt Mc Quade, who is hot on the money's trail, as well as hers.

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  1. I am happy with how it ended, but it would have been more fulfilling to see the romance with Hyun Suk develop. Plot-wise, it was so-so, but I like how things turned out. But I truly wish, in my dreams, that second lead would be given a chance to live a happy life as well. It is when you realize that the supporting characters have better stories than the main leads, except they don’t get a happy ending. This is one of the most interesting dramas I’ve ever seen, and one of those dramas that made me weep.