10 things to know about dating

There will be an autopsy to determine how you died.There will be questions about your relationship, your job, your finances, your health and your drug and alcohol consumption.We surveyed real men across America on all their wildest boob queries, then consulted two sex experts to get the answers. INVERTED NIPPLES Q: "I had sex with a girl for the first time and was freaked out that her nipples were inverted. " – Bill, Michigan A: De Wit explains that it’s basically the same thing as asking about an “innie” vs.an “outtie” belly button, which is to say: it’s normal, and doesn’t play a role when it comes to stimulation. “That’s just one of our body’s interesting ways of constructing ourselves differently.When the police arrive, they will treat your wife as a suspect.Your death will be deemed as ‘suspicious’ and the house will be cordoned off as a crime scene.Ambulances, fire-engines and police cars will line the street.

She will no longer remember you as alive and breathing, she will only remember you lying still, battered and violated on the cold slab of a mortuary.

She will have to prove that she was your wife over and over again. Bubba Smith, the American football star who found fame on screen playing Hightower in the Police Academy movies, has died at the age of 66. The cause of death has not been confirmed, but police have said it did not appear to be suspicious.

Your friends and family will find it difficult to believe that you did this without provocation. ~ BBC News Even your wife and children will rarely mention the word suicide when telling your story.

There will be stains on the chair, on the carpet, on the walls. Your private life will be raked over by the police who will go through your wallet, your phone and your computer looking for someone to blame for your death.

All the while, your wife will be unable to eat or sleep and her tears will make her beautiful eyes haunted and lost.

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