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She takes them into the bath and teaches them swimming, just like Lucie has taught her!While on holidays, our three year old daughter fell into the pool without floaties on.As we got to her, to our surprise she was already using the technique she had learned here at Paul Sadler called the ‘safety circle’.Read More It was that valuable skill that helped our daughter that day and we cannot emphasise the importance of teaching your child to swim and survive enough. About a year ago, my daughter and I had a scare elsewhere in the water, which meant that at first I was a little hesitant to give Evie the independence in the water that she needed.Working closely with Kristy (Teacher), Bailey began to show signs of confidence in the water.

Harper settled in within one week thanks to Lucie being so patient and encouraging.Thank you, When he began swimming lessons, our three-year-old son, Joseph, would scream and cry with fear, not wanting to get in the pool.Now, just six months later, he is excited about swimming, striving to participate and working towards getting certificates.However, with the encouragement of Evie’s teacher, Mel, we have progressed enormously in just two terms.Read More The teachers at Paul Sadler really understand how to push Evie to her limits without making her or me feel uncomfortable.

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I want to especially acknowledge Paul, who has been my daughter’s teacher for a term now.

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