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Of course they have their flaws too, so I wouldn't pick those up from them (laughs) Jin hyung is very talented and witty.Andy: Initially there wasn't much of a response, and I got quite worried.He doesn't have a hidden private life, and he remains innocent and kind.

But then again, the girl might end up being involved in a scandal with someone else, then I'd end up moping at home eating and drinking soju by myself.

Hahaha CHJ: Which member do you get along the best with?

We've knew each other since we were studying in the US, it's been 16 years.

” Solbi and Andy have had to reply constantly to reports whether they were really dating after their cute displays towards each in MBC “We Got Married” variety.

Solbi and Andy had created many romantic cute moments together, like the pool game where the winner/loser has to bobo the other party, Ja Jyung Myung relay game, etc.

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