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Isidoro Cruz help and encouragement were fundamental in the development of the wood carving activity in Tilcajete but so it was the kindness of the people that welcomed tourism with joy. His figures include highly detailed accessories like small bouquets of flowers.Like most of La union carvings Martin's are decorated with aniline paintings.La Union is a small isolated village on the mountains located 12 km west Oaxaca City.Oaxacan wood carvings didn't develop in La Union like they did in Arrazola and Tijacajete because the small hamlet never attracted as much tourism as the other carving towns.The economical boom created by the popularity of these colorful creatures has given many families the chance to have a better life in one of the poorest areas of the country.

The most popular figures are all kinds of animals and among them the cat is the preferred one by costumers.Native of Arrazola, a small village in the Oaxaca Valley, he is considered the father of the Oaxacan wood carvings tradition.Jimenez began carving very young while tending goats; he started selling masks and wooden miniatures, mostly farm animals and human figures in Monte Alban.The well that gave the town water can still be seen in the streets of Cajete and Progreso. The town had a weaving and embroidery tradition that dwindled when women began painting the wood carvings.San Martin Tilcajete is an example of a town with a community sense in southern Mexico; people help each other and work to benefit the whole town.

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