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Then, of course, there are the affairs with Jeanne Moreau, Britt Ekland, Elizabeth Taylor, Alana Stewart, Danielle Steel, Sylvia Kristel, Lyndon Johnson's daughter, Lynda Bird – Johnson was President at the time – and Hamilton's own stepmother.He also once had a date with Marilyn Monroe, although they didn't hit it off: 'I was terribly intimidated.' Somehow, it's hard to imagine Hamilton being intimidated by anyone.However, they decided to stop the funeral for a few moments to wipe it away.' Now Hamilton has written his autobiography, Don't Mind If I Do.As you would expect, there are accounts of his friendships and rivalries with stars such as Judy Garland, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum.By then, Hamilton had developed what he calls, 'a form of sophistication that was kind of precocious.' This was to stand him in good stead when, aged 12, he went to New York City to stay with his father and stepmother, June.

'I take out the little dummy,' he says of his chat-show persona.

This was shortly before Teeny rejected an advance from Ronald Reagan, finding him 'too wholesome'. Swathed in white furs and with a large diamond necklace around her neck, she has one of those come-hither looks that also seems to be putting you in your place.

His father, Spike, a bandleader – Spike Hamilton and his Barbary Coast Orchestra – had bailed out of the marriage when Hamilton was five. At least not until Hamilton and his new stepmother got to know one another a little better.

As he's found, it's a useful and well-nigh impenetrable camouflage.

Once, while suffering from jaundice, he bumped into a friend who told him he'd never seen him looking in such great shape.

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