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By the way, Kenny, the professional wrestler, was along on this date.Who knows how all of the men didn’t back out immediately after just seeing Kenny warm up to the challenge.during the Monday, June 5, episode while trying to impress Rachel Lindsey.It was probably because Rachel showed she isn’t playing around and will send a man home at the drop of a hat if she isn’t feeling it.Anthony Dominici also serves as executive producer.Ellen is still scoring sky high ratings with her daily talk show, while her wife has been enjoying success with her role as Elizabeth North, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee on Scandal.“These dudes about to get they ass whooped today,” Kenny said.The men started wrestling and got completely covered in mud — which was not a cute look.

However, he still showed up to the mansion during the rose ceremony to beg Rachel for forgiveness. “I can’t let you go.” Rachel wasn’t falling for it though. The men thought they would just be in the audience, but Ellen De Generes wasn’t going to let them off that easy. The Tickle Monster when Rachel informed her of his weird tickling quirk. Fred finally got his moment — literally like a single moment Fred has had a crush on Rachel since kindergarden and finally made a move after the group date to kiss her.During an appearance on Good Morning America last month, Portia joked that that when she got the call about her casting in the hit ABC show, she thought her agent was instead referring to reports about her supposed marital problems with Ellen.Johnathon Schaech isn't afraid to walk down memory lane.They trash talked him to Rachel and he kept throwing temper tantrums about it and it was never ending.It was a perfect example of the producers obviously trying to make up some dumb drama that didn’t exist and dragging it way too far.

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