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Wetzel was described as being friendly to dogs and children, but often aloof with adults.He never had a home, married, owned land, or held an ordinary job. He is described as about six feet tall, raw boned, with a swarthy appearance, jet black eyes, pock-marked face from small pox, braided hair which reached to his calves when combed out, and pierced ears from which he wore silk tassels. His dark side was the obsession with hunting and killing Indians, "often for sport", "stalking them like prey", some said.Lewis instantly fled at full speed, soon outrunning all but four Indians.One by one, he shot three of them after reloading on the run.

Lewis had skillfully tracked the Indians, found their camp, and waited all night to attack them as they awoke. The incident was the basis for the novel Forest Rose by Emerson Bennett published in the mid-1800s.

He killed another while being chased and reloading on the run.

Lewis returned to Wheeling Creek with two scalps, bragging to all who would listen.

One of those Indians had been close enough to grab the end of Lewis's rifle as he tried to fire and pulled him down to the ground.

The Indian taunted Lewis: "White man die....hurry up, chiefs, see Wetzel die." This enraged Lewis who managed to thrust the rifle to the Indian's neck and kill him.

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