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The preferred option 160 is specific to Polycom UCS devices while the secondary option 66 value is commonly shared with other SIP phones as well.Either option can be used with the UCS phones, thus the configuration of the existing network will typically drive the choice of which to utilize.To show the correct local time on the phone’s display the standard time offset DHCP parameter can be used.For the purposes of this article it is assumed that the network is not pre-configured to support the Vendor Class DHCP Option 43 or Option 120 as documented in the article Configuring Lync Server for Phone Edition Devices.In this article a basic FTP server will be used but the phones also support the TFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.When a factory-reset device is first powered on it will check for specific DHCP Options that may be defined on the network which would provide a path to the provisioning server.By default they would all be written to the root directory which in larger deployments can lead to a lot of files being stored there, making it more difficult to weed through and manage files configuration files. For the purposes of this article, and for most deployments, the firmware files can be left in the default location.

(Traditionally username are not case-sensitive while passwords are, but this may depend on the actual file server product used.) It can be difficult to discern if some of these characters are an i, L, or a 1.

When receiving a dynamic IP address on the network the phone will by default look for the location of a provisioning server by first checking for the existence of DHCP Option 160.

In the event that option 160 is not configured then it will fall back to looking for Option 66.

The leading ‘p’ is uppercase, followed by a lowercase ‘L’ ‘c’ ‘m’, then an uppercase ‘s’, lowercase ‘p’, uppercase ‘i’, lowercase ‘p’.

The name comes from the string ‘ For this lab environment the Windows Active Directory password policy was customized to disable strong password complexity requirements as the default password does not meet the complexity of the default Windows AD password policy.

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