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The stimulation wasn't enough for Laney to built up to an orgasm, but it was just enough to be a tease.

Karlee began to feel herself nearing orgasm, and she moaned louder and louder, grinding on Laney's face before cumming hard and gushing all over Laney's mouth. "Good mistress," Laney moaned, still lying on the bed enjoying the feeling of the vibrator buzzing inside her, "But I would like something a little bigger in my pussy." "Well that's too bad," Karlee said, reaching into Laney's pussy and removing the vibrator so that only the butt plug remained.

She then pulled the vibrator out a little and pushed it back in, getting faster and faster as Laney moaned.

Laney bent over so her ass was held up in the air and her pussy lips were visible to Karlee.

"You're still so wet," said Karlee, giving Laney's ass a light slap, and pushing the butt plug in just a little bit deeper.

And maybe, just maybe, if you're a good girl you'll get to cum tonight." Laney pouted for a second, and then, realizing it would do her no good, proceeded to get off the bed and open Karlee's closet. " asked Karlee, slapping Laney's hands and shutting the closet door.

"I'm in charge here, and I'll be one who decides what my little slut is going to put on today." Laney backed away from the closet and Karlee proceeded to flip through some of the outfits in there.

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Last year three Asian men from Keighley were jailed for grooming a vulnerable 14-year-old girl for sex.

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