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“A recent CQC inspection report published on 23 February 2017 (available at CQC website ) provides the practice with an overall rating as GOOD and observes in the report that the practice has “seen a significant improvement in patient satisfaction scores.

Earlier this year the cottage was completely refurbished elevating it to 4 star rating.

They have all now been released under investigation.

Steve says his life has been turned upside down, and is now set to step back from his position as a managing director at a building supplies company to take care of their young children. I’ve told the girls and the oldest one has ups and downs, but the youngest one, who’s only 18 months-old, will probably only remember her through photographs now.”Steve wants to take the children away on holiday once Megan’s funeral is over so they have something ‘positive’ to focus on.

We received 23 comment cards which were all positive about the standard of care received.

“Five comment cards specifically mentioned an improvement in the service.

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