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Amulets and objects with depictions of the turtles represent the turtle as a force to defend health and life.Among Ptah's many creatures, Shetw (Tortoise, Turtle) was neither especially remarkable nor esteemed.The turtle was associated with Set, and so with the enemies of Ra who tried to stop the solar barque as it traveled through the underworld.Since the XIXth Dynasty, and particularly in the Late and Greco-Roman periods, turtles were known to have been ritually speared by kings and nobles as evil creatures.

The carapace may symbolize the "way in which the owner used to move slowly like a tortoise," or sitting in the carapace may have been a very useful way for the owner to move around.It personifies water, the moon, the Earth, time, immortality, and fertility.Creation is associated with the tortoise and it is also believed that the tortoise bears the burden of the whole world.Mzee (Swahili for "wise old man") is the name of a 130-year-old Aldabra tortoise.In the southern part of Africa, storytales about a tortoise named Fudukazi are common. Ijapa the tortoise (alternatively called Alabahun) is a trickster, accomplishing heroic deeds or getting into trouble in a cycle of tales told by the Yoruba of Nigeria and Benin Republic (West Africa).

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