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Do you wish there had been more standalone where it wasn’t necessarily connected to the children and Nancy? And the rich girlfriend, Kim Meyers who looked like a teenage Meryl Streep, I think that was very smart. You had to also leave room in for a little bit of early CGI for the Escher-esque stuff, but that’s mostly practical soundstage. Like “Welcome to prime time, bitch” or “How’s this for a wet dream? The original line was something like, “Now you’re in the big time, Jennifer.” I turned that one into mine but the one that I’m getting a lot now is “Don’t worry, princess.

I remember loving it as kid, but I just looked up some of its gameplay and it's much rougher than I remembered.Wes Craven allowed himself to turn into a little boy. Of all the extra Freddy stuff you did, you were in the Fat Boys video. I remember the second or third week of part four, Renny [Harlin] was the first time I’d ever worked with video assist. So by seeing that rough cut, I got my second wind but I was dragging tail.He’d always kept the little boy inside him alive, but you’ve got to remember Wes was not allowed to watch a lot of film and television as a child, or listen to a lot of radio. I remember Wes started to laugh at that sketch and actually fell off the couch. Did you ever get to do the Fresh Prince video that never saw the light of day? You do those fight scenes, and I had a lot of stunts in that. All along the way, were those a lot of tough shoots? We were at the junkyard, and Renny showed me the rough assemblage of the junkyard sequence. I didn’t want to do part five because I had just finished another movie.Report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community team.Also, on the right side of a comment you can flag nasty comments anonymously (we ban users dishing bad karma).

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