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Thoughts of returning to Carlingford's lovely countryside pop into mind.Should I abandon ship, ditch the car and get a bus back to Carlingford?Extending his hand in greeting, he says, 'I’m Fred Madden. From one minute to the next, I’m never sure if I’m in Ulster, ‘The North’ or in the Republic, ‘The South’.The northern corner of county Monaghan has been off the radar for decades, deemed by most travellers as being too close to ‘The Troubles’, therefore potentially unsafe.If only I’d paid attention to directions indicating all visitors must report to the visitor centre to visit the archaeological site, I would have saved myself an hour of lost time.

[caption id="attachment_1590" align="alignnone" width="337"] Carlingford, County Louth on the way to 'The North'.[/caption] The local postmaster in Clones described the way to Hilton Park an hour earlier. 'Well, you could miss it but if you’ve gone past the golf course, you have,' he adds laconically. ' I’ve been driving in and out of Ulster, commonly referred to as ‘The North’ since my late morning departure from Carlingford in County Louth, part of the Republic, commonly referred to as ‘The South’, wandering blithely around County Monaghan and now I’m right up against the border again.

Tiny one-pub villages connected by quaint laneways shaded by grand oak trees, picturesque paddocks filled with fluffy sheep, rough stone walls lining isolated farmhouses … Driving the back roads of Ireland should be like a jaunt in the park.

My jaunt around the back roads of Ireland begins in Dublin.

Newspaper (The Hindu) reading with certain books to have a deep insight over varied topics that are now part of the new syllabus.

To gain knowledge on diverse topics it is prudent to read standard texts rather than depending on materials provided by various coaching institutions.

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Heading north from Dublin's northern suburbs en route to Drogheda and my first stop, the Newgrange tumulus, I make the first of innumerable wrong turns.

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