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This is very important, you must leave her a fun, exciting, and powerful voicemail, not some lame, weak-hearted voicemail about why she is not answering you. I was just driving so I couldn’t text…but yeah, I just saw the funniest thing ever that reminded me of you.Let me know when get this; you’re going to laugh your ass off, later!This, or something like “Alright hun that sounds awesome lol”.A simple text like that, calls her out in a funny way, and shows that it’s not really a big deal to you that she didn’t answer, but that it’s more amusing to you.In fact, according to scientific and psychological analysis from Harvard psychologists, your images can reveal if you’re popular, conscientious or even depressed, Sheerluxe reports. If you’re the kind of person that shares snaps of your other half then, far from being publicly affectionate, you could in fact be insecure about your relationship.Relationship experts have suggested that people who post gushing images might be doing so to mask problems, while using captions like "my girl" or "bae" can also be signs of possessiveness.

What you do is send a re-initiating text message like “Sup sweetheart…Are you gonna’ hang out this week or are you gonna keep being a dink”.

It found that, while those who use warm filters like Valencia tend to be more popular than their peers, people who use Inkwell or black and white filters could be depressed.

Researchers at Harvard University recently had a higher success rate than doctors at diagnosing depression just by looking at patients’ Instagrams.

Now, before you laugh, this is actually more intricate than meets the eye. For one, it obviously calls her out on not being able to hang out with you yet.

For two, it most likely offends her in a comical, teasing way, and shows her that you’re not afraid to say something like this to her.

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