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As a supervisor in the central Arkansas HD stores, Bessie J.Giesler (married with children) uses her position to acquire phone numbers from the directory to start texting employees and vendors.The wife bit her tongue to get out of such a horrible situation.Not being petty, but this chick can’t hold a candle to the beauty of the guys ex-wife. The ex-wife has kept quiet about it all and cut her losses, I’m not so nice and think everyone should know the type of person this chick is! Never had any intentions to leave her husband, yet didn’t want this other married man to be with his wife. Glad the guys wife had enough sense to leave his cheating self.

Then ask to see her phone bill to see if she’s sending your husband naked pictures. She’s been sleeping with my husband for the last 3 years behind her husbands back got pregnant told her husband it was his kid.So Christine Hilbun was supposed to be my friend, I had to leave for 3 months and while I was gone, this woman slept with my boyfriend, the father of my unborn baby.When I found out and comforted her about it she lied to my face, and then I was told by one of her friends that it was true that Christine did sleep with my boyfriend. She is still trying to be friends with me, like really?I was deviated by the fact he was cheating but even more upset that he had had betrayed his special needs child.So Logan County be on the look out for this woman because if your man does mess around with her you will never be right again…

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