Weed dating for singles

Her main goal, she said, is to give people who happen to use cannabis the confidence to come out of the “green closet” and help them find success in life and love.“I talk to a lot of people who have faced stigma when it comes to dating and finding someone who accepts them for their cannabis consumption,” she said.

A little note on parking at the new farm: We’re sharing space now with Draggin’ Wing Farm, which is a GORGEOUS place, with a challenging parking situation.

She offers dating, career and life coaching services aimed at high-earning cannabis consumers through her Los Angeles company, Highly Devoted Coaching.

And she recently began hosting marijuana-themed mixers for singles, with an event coming up at the end of January in Huntington Beach.

While many factors go into a healthy and successful relationship, smoking weed may be an unexpected benefit.

Those who are "open to marijuana use" are more likely to have had multiple orgasms and, on average, reported nearly 4 percent more orgasms per sexual encounter.

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