Who is olivia benson dating in season 14

It is later revealed that that manager leaked the story because he killed the boyfriend.

(SVU: "Closet") He investigated the entire SVU Unit after a convicted rapist and child molester, Gilbert Kessler, accuses them of dragging their feet in the investigation which allowed him to rape another boy.

Tucker interrogated Stabler and sent him on modified duty even after Stabler found the dirty cop.

The head of the ring is eventually revealed to be Derek's boss Keith Gerard and he is arrested by Detectives Fin and Benson.

He is eventually arrested trying to kill one of his former victims and the case is closed.

(SVU: "Counterfeit") He later investigated a cocaine ring that used baby formula as a method of smuggling that supposedly had a cop on the payroll.

(SVU: "Perfect") Tucker was called in after Detective Elliot Stabler pushed Meredith Rice against a wall in an interrogation room.

He tries to pin the blame on the suicide on Stabler and Doctor George Huang and threatens to turn Huang over to the Office of Professional Responsibility and threatens him by saying he hopes his medical-malpractice insurance is paid up.

The case isn't pursued and both Huang and Stabler keep their jobs.

(SVU: "Heartfelt Passages") Tucker is first seen as a sergeant investigating a patrol officer at the 22nd Precinct named Al Marcosi after he had sex with a prostitute and let her go.

When Marcosi is later suspected of the rape and murder of Paula Grace and SVU question him, Tucker berates Captain Cragen but Cragen holds his ground and counters that they knew about Marcosi.

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Captain Cragen used this to expedite Stabler's case and avoid bad press on the DA's Office and IAB.

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